If you know me, you might know I’ve been following racing in various forms for nearly 40 years, whether BMX, mountain bikes, motocross, or various other motorsports. But MX has been a constant theme throughout, and it’s the one I dig most. I attended my first race when I was probably 12 or so, back in 1970-(mumble), and was immediately hooked. The bad news was that my mom was an R.N. at an Emergency Room in my hometown, and she wasn’t a huge fan of motorcycles. I guess in a strange way it’s worked out, because I ended up on the editorial side of things, and been able to do things that I’d never have been able to do as a rider.

The first photo I ever had published (outside of a magazine that I was working for, which was almost like cheating), was a shot of Mark Barnett taken from outside the fences at an AMA National at Saddleback Park. That one ran as a full-page in Motocross Action.

Over the years I also had stints working at BMX Action magazine, as well as Super BMX and Mountain Biking. After that, I spent a few years working at Specialized Bicycles and later moved to the web editor’s spot at TransWorldMX.com.

After a good long run at VitalMX.com, I pumped the brakes on covering races every week, and I’m currently on the hunt for what’s next.